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Pre-operative Visit
Dr. Nelson feels strongly that a pre-operative visit is necessary to appropriately evaluate your skin cancer, prepare you for the procedure, answer your questions, review your medical history and medications and plan your surgery. When patients are referred to us, usually a biopsy has been performed and the pathology report stating the exact type of skin cancer is available. If a biopsy has not been performed, it may be done at this visit.

We ask that you bring a list of your medications and a list of your doctors with their addresses and phone numbers to this visit. (This is because we like to keep your doctors informed, and because we may need to contact them regarding your care.) If you forget them we will ask you at the time of your visit.

You will need a companion to drive you home the day of surgery. We find it helpful if this person accompanies you the day of the pre-operative visit.

The Day of Surgery
The best preparation for Mohs surgery is a good night's sleep followed by a good breakfast. If you take regularly scheduled medication in the morning, please take it prior to your visit unless Dr. Nelson recommends otherwise.

Surgery is usually scheduled early in the day. Because you can expect to be here most of the morning (and occasionally most of the day), bring a magazine or book along and wear comfortable clothes. You may want to consider bringing a snack. Coffee is available in the office.

Further Information
Further information on Mohs surgery and skin cancer treatment may be found on the internet at:

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